Jeanna Kolesova

b. 1988 in Mezinovskiy, Russia

lives and works between Berlin, Moscow and St. Petersburg





The center of Jeanna Kolesova’s art is society.  By pointing out and critically investigating issues which flood and form our everyday life but often go unnoticed, her art is concerned with human behavior, group dynamics and how they play out in digital fields. Jeanna’s works provide an outside look on our most routine behaviors and thus give the spectator a moment to reflect on themselves and on others.

Her artistic practices are research based. To bring her ideas to life and make them accessible to others, she uses participative media like interactive installations, projection mapping, video and photography. Spectators often become participants of the artwork themselves and develop it further.



Used to work under the pseudonym Joanna Keler









buy some photo and 3D works  STOCKSY UNITED 

see commercial works BEHANCE


Camera Austria International, Issue №154, 2021

Forum, pp. 61-74


Kurier magazine, June 2016

"Something about Food: Das etwas andere Foodporn"



*solo   **group

2021  —  nothing ever happened (yet) **
Museum für Fotografie | Berlin | Germany



2021  —  10 seconds**
  site-specific screening in public space

                 subway Friedrichstraße | Potsdamer Platz | Berlin                



2020  —   Feminist translocality **
traveling exhibition | Russia | Germany  



2020  —   The Assembly: Conditions of a necessity **
Kunsthalle Baden-Baden | Germany  



2020  —   Flowers are better than bullets **
Berthold Center | St.Petersburg | Russia 



2020  —   CalArts Expo **
digital space | Santa Clarita | US 



2020  —   Home sweet home **
Schitamachi Project | Tokyo | Japan 



2019  —   WATER(PROOF) **
               MOMENTUM | Berlin | Germany



2019  —   the aesthetics of consumption *

                 Kunstraum Schinkelsaal | Berlin | Germany



2019  —   smart as photography **
ZEPHYR | Raum für Fotografie | Mannheim | Germany         



2016  —  Overlap * 

                Gallery of Cafe Zoom | St. Petersburg | Russia


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