b. 1988 in Vladimir region, russia

lives and works in Berlin, Germany





Artist, cultural worker, curator, and activist. Currently Jeanna at their last year of New Media program study at the University of Arts Berlin.


Their artistic works were shown in Kunstraum Kreuzberg (Berlin), Hybrid Bienniale (Dresden), Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Photography Museum (Berlin), Floating university (Berlin), Calarts (LA).


Their are co-curated and organized exhibition and public program in nGbK (Berlin) and Kunsthalle Baden-Baden.






My artistic practice is based on research and work with a variety of time-based media. In my works, I point out and critically investigate issues which flood and form our everyday life but often go unnoticed. I am especially interested in social dynamics, the formation of perception, and behavior. 


Underlying my works is my own experience of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the comprehensive violence and subsequent migration that followed. This past experience led me to reflect on  socio-historical dynamics such as longing for the lost past, the formation of national narratives and stereotypes, the role of the authoritarian state in the life of an individual, and the (non)visibility of violence. 


Based on my assertion that the personal and the political are intertwined, I put the interaction between piece (or artist) and spectator at the core of my work. I believe that the participative process, like when providing connections to other people and places, gives a strong inducement to reflect on particular issues. To create participation, I use a variety of moving images and installation, site-specific performance, web, and photography.



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