voice - Anna Prokopyeva, Anna Ivanova

live sound - Victoria Sarangova, Maximilian                                       Schweizer

video, 3D animation - Jeanna Kolesova




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Studio Hanniball in Ballhaus OST

Berlin, Germany, 2022


Culture of remembrance 


Berlin, Germany, 2022

Collective memory develops non-linearly. It is inseparable from the present and the interests of various social actors shape our perception of the past. Individual memory develops non-linearly. It is inseparable from the present and our own experience and experience of our beloved ones. Individual memory shapes our own perception not only of the past but also the future. 

Audio-visual performance Memory and War grew from research about use and manipulation of the collective memory of the Second World War by the russian government for the formation of national myths. During 23 years of Putin’s regime the victorious nationalist narrative shaped a society where paramilitary courage and patriotism became mainstream and found their way into popular culture. The individual memory that holds the weight of war within it, has been erased by the bravado of victory. The claim that history and collective memory are linear and constantly evolving has been and remains a key tactic of Putin's regime.


What do we want to remember?

Can we change the past?

Can we create future memories?

Can individual memory influence and change collective memory?


Using the situation in russia as an example, the mockumentary part of the performance shows how manipulations of collective memory take place. The use of children's games of burying and excavating memory constructs rituals that are based on the non-linearity of individual memory.


video documentation of performance