Your friend also goes to Europe




Should I speak about the 5th wave of Russian emigration?

Yes, because it is my reality. Yes, because it is the reality of my friends.

Numerous polls show that about 19 percent of the Russian population in 2018 would move from Russia to permanent residence in another country. The  polls also show that, among young people between 18 and 25 years, every third is planning to leave Russia. According to official statistics, about 50 to 60 thousand people leave Russia annually. Usually, these statistics underestimate the actual number of emigrants.

Friends who stayed in Russia  admire and are proud of those who went to Europe or to North America. All conversations, in one way or another, revolve around emigration. Who, where and how?

Reality is when the number of farewell parties per year exceeds the number of months in a year.

I moved too. Now almost in each Europe country I have at least one friend. A lot of friends are living in both Americas. Should we all to be proud of that decision and the possibility to do that? Should we to be sorrowful? What should we feel?

This is a statement of fact. Your friend also goes to Europe. Your friend also goes to the USA. Your friend also goes to...



"Your friend also goes to Europe" is written on the flag