To all victims



interactive installation


How much each day in your life are you confronted with news about another war, about the next innocent victims, about terrorist attacks? Almost anyone who reads newspapers or  watches TV or actively surfs the internet is aware of what is happening in the world. But how does a person use this knowledge? Knowledge of war gives us compassion, anger, powerlessness. Knowledge gives us a sense of proximity to  powerlessness. Knowledge gives us a sense of proximity to other people's suffering, but this feeling of closeness is fake. How many times can you cry and read about how again a number of people were killed yesterday at the other end of the world? How many times can you comment on posts about war or attacks, about how awful you find all that? How many times can you share and repost? What feeling does it give to you? People can be very active online, make an incredible amount of  comments, discuss how incredibly bad the government is, or how terrible it is to have so many civilian casualties in the modern world. Comments, Post, Repost, Comments ... We hide the sense of our own powerlessness in real life in an active online opposition.


To_all_victims is a reflection of who in fact is a victim: people who die in the Middle East, Ukraine or somewhere else, or we, who hide behind our online activity our passivity in real life.

People did 462 tweets in 3 days 


All texts were taken from youtube/twitter/fb from posts about war 



Rundgang UdK

Berlin, Germany

July 2018