interactive installation




Rundgang UdK

Berlin, Germany, 2018

This work examines expropriation of wars through its constant circulation via images and global media channels. This everyday knowledge about military conflicts and numbers of dead people, represented through social media, allows some kind of sense of proximity to other people's suffering. But it seems that some empathy exists only in the digital field in the form of an incredible number of comments on posts about explosions in particular parts of the world. 


This project invites viewers to question the power of images and reflect on the presence of powerlessness in real life which is hidden in an active online position.


The installation consists of figures lying on the floor, a camera mounted on top and a tablet that shows the twitter account. Participants are invited to press a button if they want to take a photo. If the photo is taken, there is automatically a tweet produced with this image and text that is randomly taken from comments (on twitter and you tube) under videos, photos and news about military conflicts and wars. Participants are free to delete the post.