Something about food



St. Petersburg/Russia/2016

Food ceased to fulfill it’s original function long time ago. Going to a restaurant or a café one barely thinks about hunger; it is more likely that a person will think whether the meal is good for health or looks nice. I’ve worked for a long time in cafes and restaurants, and observing visitors has always been interesting to me. I’ve had an opportunity to notice tiny details in people’s behavior. I didn't have any specific cause that pushed me to make this project, it was more like a series of observations. Some of them still impress me: some people choose their meal by color combination of ingredients on their plate, but this is a rather rare situation; more often people choose a popular dish in order to compare it to the similar dish in a different place. What I was observing every day looked more like following a special food fashion rather than satisfying the primary need. Now I’m able to see a cult of healthy lifestyle, cult of ageless body, cult of food. If it wasn't so widespread I wouldn't have noticed it so clearly; and this spread is what makes me think that this isn't just a simple need satisfaction but abidance to that ageless body cult. This led me to the conclusion that nowadays food is nothing but a #foodporn.