Research of the natural and artificial

Photo/Video Project 

This project is a reflection, a research on the topic of the natural and artificial, the relationship of human with nature and nature with human. This is a search for questions. What does the human create? How does it affect nature? How does nature affect the human? How are their relationships built? Is it really that all that is artificially created is bad, and all that is created by nature is good? Where is the line between human and nature? The project is a search for answers to these questions and for their expression in the visual component.


She had a dream that she make infinitely long braided spits from a grass. If she does this in a dream, then this is the product of her brain's activity. If she does this in reality, then this is the joint activity of her and nature. Where is a line between her and nature?


Does the human adjust the environment in order to merge with it or to turn it into his ideal world, destroying the primordial?

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St.Petersburg, Russia/Berlin, Germany, 2017