St. Petersburg/Russia/2015-2017

"I consist of two opposite parts which are fighting with each other and paralyzing me. I'm afraid of loneliness. I try to be open to the world to avoid this feeling. Nobody cares for me. I’m copying the behavior of my friends and people around me. I have to be the same as everyone else. Home, work, children, family. It seems that I'm not that lonely anymore, I was accepted into the ranks of the society. Why do I feel myself so powerless? Do all of them feel it? It seems to me not all of them. They look happy. I just feel like a stranger. Who am I?"


People are afraid of loneliness and try to avoid this feeling by all means. In order to become a complete cell of the society they often do something against their inner-self, they follow the social attitudes and comply with the taboos. Because of this senses of isolation and powerlessness grow. Society erases individuality. A person gets what he/she wanted and becomes a complete cell of the society. Just the same as everyone else. But he/she has not reached peace in mind and satisfaction. This person feels alienation only.