3D animation, no sound, 00'10'', color

one 16:9, three 9:16





10 seconds

Subway Friedrichstrasse and Potsdamer Platz

Berlin, Germany, 2021

Humankind has a long history of knowledge that gleaned from space. We can trace the patterns that people saw in the starry sky all the way back to the Paleolithic era. Cosmic ideas shaped each civilization, all stages of development of humanity and are still deeply integrated in our society. Cosmic narratives built around the Sun, Moon and stars played a central role for the birth of Christianity, how the development of science served as an important milestone in the application of astronomical laws to politics and society and founded first principles of democracy and human rights. Along with these same ideas brought Europe to the exploration of new territories, colonization and domination all over the planet. The current politics of National Space Agencies and NewSpacers are based on expansion of the capitalist-colonialist approach to cosmic utopias: today's commercial activity in outer space will radically and positively transform the future society by establishing human settlements in the solar system (and beyond) and will prevent the extinction of humanity later. A collapsing environment and limits of Earth’s resources didn’t change capitalism, rather the opposite. Outer space became attractive for investors as a new frontier for continuing economic growth and extraction of energy, fuel, minerals, land. 


This project imagines a different approach to outer space, where cosmos won’t be just a source for economic profit or space colonization, rather an utopia for those who don’t have access to money or technology.