Deep Inside


architectural projection

Santa Clarita/US/2020

During my semester at the California Institute of Arts I saw another part of one of the greatest Art Institutes in the world. This side will never be presented on the CalArts website or publicly outspoken. This side is dealing with growing the young and creative minds to work in the Hollywood industries.

There have been a lot of changes since the private Institute was founded by Disney: the school is not so white anymore and not so privileged as it was before. But there is another problem which probably goes together with the US education system. Choose the best Institute for yourself - take a huge loan, if your parents are not rich - work hard to successfully finish your education, fight to find a really well paid job and work harder to pay your credit back. 



This all affects what happens to the students.

Whole conversations are spinning around money, endless production, jobs, mental instability, alienation. Loop.


CalArts is seen as an ideal, but go further and you will see distortions. I want to show it, to open what is hidden. 


It would have been projected onto the main building of CalArts which is situated in Santa Clarita, CA in Mai 2020. Unfortunately because of COVID-19 the event was canceled.