projection mapping/ 3D animation





CalArts Expo

online platform of CalArts

Santa Clarita, CA, US, 2020

California Institute of the Arts is on the hearing of everyone who is professionally engaged in art.


"a game-changer in the education of professional artists"

"an all-inclusive community, where artists can look outside their own métiers and collaborate with each other"

"transform ourselves, each other, and the world"


During the exchange program I saw another side that will never be written on the CalArts website: an incredible amount of debt for your BFA or MFA program, burnout due to the frantic pace of work and the production of projects, lack of contact, anxiety that you will not find a high-paying job after graduation, depression.


Through the architectural projection onto the building of the institute, through the outer shell, we find ourselves in the inner space, which contains a metaphorical understanding of the "internal" problems of students. An invite to think about what is hidden behind the perfect picture.


Phrases used in projection are reproduced from memory from conversations with students.

Photos taken from the CalArts photo archive.