b. 1988 village in Vladimir region, Russia

based in Berlin, Germany





Artist, filmmaker, researcher, and curator. 


They studied documentary film in St. Petersburg, interactive media at CalArts, and experimental film and new media at the University of Arts Berlin (class of Hito Steyerl).


Their works reflect on the manipulation of history/information and the influence of imperial technologies on bodies and landscapes.


Their works have been exhibited in venues such as Kunstraum Kreuzberg, EMOP Berlin, CTM Vorspiel Festival, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Photography Museum Berlin, Floating University, and Calarts among others. Their latest short film, "Memory is an animal which barks with various mouths", was awarded a Karl Hofer Scholarship and won first place in the Munzenberg Film competition. Currently, Jeanna is part of the Goldrausch program.


They co-curated ӨМƏ exhibition and co-organized public program at nGbK Berlin which was dealing with imperial and colonial past and present of Soviet Union and Russia.



























My artistic practice, rooted in research, encompasses various time-based media — films, video and digital installations, performance lectures, web, and writings. Within my works, I identify and critically examine issues that permeate and shape our daily lives. I am particularly fascinated by how history, information, and images support particular narratives, impact perception, and imprint themselves on human bodies, behavior, memories, as well as natural landscapes and (non)biological agents.


Beneath my artistic approach lies my personal experience of the Soviet Union's collapse, its aftermath — pervasive violence and the resurgence of imperial and colonial discourses and actions. I reflect on socio-historical dynamics, such as the role of social networks in military conflicts, state violence, technologies of propaganda, manipulation of collective memories, formation of national narratives among others. I am keen on understanding how these dynamics interrelate and influence our perception of "true" and "false." Although I once fell into the traps of a manipulated past and present, I escaped, yet remnants linger in my personality, compelling me to meticulously deconstruct their influence.


Intrigued by the multiplicity of realities, I believe the personal and political, as well as personal and collective, are inherently intertwined. In my works, I seek out gaps demonstrating that diverse perceptions, experiences, and memories can coexist and serve as a tool to demythologize manipulative narratives pushing for "unity" under a nationalist/imperial umbrella.





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